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Picture 001 The Episcopal Church of St John the Baptist

330 McClellan St, Wausau, WI 54403
Rev. David Klutterman, Rector

Celebrating 150 years and more of worship in Wausau, Wisconsin.

 Our Mission

To restore all people to unity with God and each other through Jesus Christ.

The Episcopal Church strives to live by the message of Jesus Christ, in which all are welcome and there are no outcasts. Our beliefs, based midway between Roman Catholicism and Protestant traditions, are sacramental and worship-oriented, promoting thoughtful debate about what God is calling us to do and be as followers of Christ. The Episcopal Church is part of the Anglican Community.

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Dear friends in Christ,

I would like to follow up on the thoughts from  Sunday’s sermon.  The gospel for  Sunday is one that has great power for me.  Jesus enters the temple and drives out the merchants and the money changers and promises that if they tear this temple down he will rebuild it in three days.

There is power in this gospel because it speaks to me, to our community, to the world.  While it is frightening, I want Jesus to enter into my “temples” and drive out those things that corrupt me.  I want Jesus to enter our congregation, our community and drive out those things that keep us from knowing and following him and him alone.  I would love to know what it means to see the glory of God fully.  I don’t think I have even come close!  And if it frightens me to think of the “destruction” this would entail, I am reminded of his promise: I will rebuild it in three days.  The temples I know will no longer be built by human hands, but rather created through the power of resurrection.  

Passion for Christ can overcome fear of dying, in both small and large ways.  Where is my passion? Where is our passion?  Will my actions match my words?  Important thoughts given that in just a couple of weeks we will be waving palms, crying Hosanna, and welcoming Jesus into our lives, into our temples.  Will we welcome his presence when he disrupts our lives with his invitation to follow him, even to the cross?

A Blessed Lent to all,

Fr David

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lenten madness 2015 widgetCheck out the Lent 2015 page !!!!

Lent Madness 2015 is here !
Follow along at to learn about saints!

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Friday fish fry on March 27 will be at Homestead Inn.
Join us for 5:30 Evening Prayer in the chapel or you can meet us there !
More information on the bulletin board in Memorial Hall!


The Women’s Community is asking for our help to provide full-sized hygiene products
for those who come to their facility:  ex. shampoo, soap, deodorant.

There is a box at the back of church for these items.
And, remember the food pantries too!   Please be generous !

new website picture

The 100th Anniversary Weekend is May 2 and 3 ! 
Check out the special webpage for all the information !

Please notify the office of names and addresses of people that should be invited to the celebration.
We are also looking for stories about growing up at St John’s, and how the space was used.
Contact the church office at

 Our Location

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Meetings at St John’s:

Choir:  Tuesdays, 5:30 pm, please use the entrance off the alley (check with church office to confirm date/time, or check with Dale Burgess)
Men’s Group: Tuesdays, 7:30 am (check with office for location)
Vestry:   TBA

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