Bringing Christ Home!


 The Episcopal Church of St John the Baptist

historyA330 McClellan St, Wausau, WI 54403 (715) 845.6947 Rev. David Klutterman, Rector

Celebrating 150 years and more of worship in Wausau, Wisconsin.

 Our Mission

To restore all people to unity with God and each other through Jesus Christ.

The Episcopal Church strives to live by the message of Jesus Christ, in which all are welcome and there are no outcasts. Our beliefs, based midway between Roman Catholicism and Protestant traditions, are sacramental and worship-oriented, promoting thoughtful debate about what God is calling us to do and be as followers of Christ. The Episcopal Church is part of the Anglican Community.

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Thanksgiving Eve service will be held on Wednesday, November 26 at 6:30 p.m.
Join us for a service of thanks and thanksgivings!
Everyone is invited !

     As I prepare for Thanksgiving this year, I realize I am not the center of the universe.  Again.  It is always a shock and laugh for me when I have these moments.  
     The act of giving thanks means I have to look beyond myself and recognize how important other people are in life.  I have to see the power of God’s creation in shaping me.  In giving thanks, I acknowledge the web of relationships that makes me who I am, and by which the blessings of life are experienced.  
     I wonder how the people of western New York give thanks this year?  In the midst of natural disaster, and a threat to their lives, where will the appreciation for being part of a community, a larger family be expressed?  Or how will the people of Ferguson give thanks this year?  At a time when people seem so separated, and our universe gets smaller, does giving thanks become harder?  And how will they and us in our time overcome those feelings to appreciate the fullness of God’s kingdom once more?
     It is not easy being a child of God in the world.  That is why learning how to step out of the center and giving thanks even when we are not sure how is an important part of being God’s child.
A Blessed Thanksgiving to all!
Fr David

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      “Records of 2014 pledge and giving to the present are available upon request from the church office. This may be helpful in deciding your pledge for 2015.”

 The annual collection of new socks to be shared between The Neighbor’s Place and
the Salvation Army has started !

Our winter cold has started earlier this year and many people need a warm pair of socks. 
Bring a new pair to church on Sunday !

The Women’s Community is asking for our help to donate full-sized hygiene products
for those who come to their facility:  ex. shampoo, soap, deodorant
There is a box at the back of church for these items.

And, remember the food pantries at this time of year too! 
Please be generous !

Our Location

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Meetings at St John’s:

Choir:  Tuesdays, 5:30 pm, please use the entrance off the alley (check with church office to confirm date/time, or check with Dale Burgess)
Men’s Group: Tuesdays, 7:30 am (check with office for location)
Vestry:   December 9 , 2014, 6:30 p.m.

 Updated on November 26, 2014; 4:45 p.m.



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